What is MTHZ

MetaToyHeroZ (MTHZ) is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) built on the Polygon (ERC721) blockchain. Each MTHZ has its own unique set of attributes, such as generation, grade, species, and parts. Players can stake MTHZ to use as a transformation in the game. MTHZ can be bred and merged to mint new MTHZ with different attributes.
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We use the term "generation" differently from other NFT projects, where generation increases through breeding. Heroz's generation is similar to the generation of Pokémon where a new generation is introduced with every new release of title. New generations will be introduced to the game with seasonal updates. These new generations of Heroz will not have any of the same species as the previous generation.
  • MTHZ will be sold every generation, with each term between generations typically lasting 6 months or more.


The Gen-1 features several mammalian species, including rabbits, monkeys, bears, horses, and squirrels, as well as five more that are hidden.
  • Each generation has its own unique species. Future generations will feature dinosaurs, robots, and more.



MTHZ Breeding

  • Players can breed two Epic or higher grade MTHZ of the same species to create a new one with the same species but different traits. Some HeroZ are only obtainable through breeding.
  • Breeding can be done in the game, and it costs MGOLD. This process will create a new MTHZ NFT that can be claimable by the player.
  • Claiming the new MTHZ NFT requires a wait time of 1-14 days. This wait time can be reduced by using $ZMT tokens.
  • Claiming costs paying of $ZMT tokens.

MTHZ Merge

  • Players can merge three MTHZ of any species with the same grade to create a new one with a random species and different traits.
  • Merging can be done in the game, and it costs MGOLD. This process will create a new MTHZ NFT that can be claimable by the player.
  • 3 MTHZ used in the merge are burnt and automatically collected to the player’s dex.
  • Claiming the new MTHZ NFT requires no wait time.
  • Claiming costs only gas fees.
Gen-1 Meta Toy HeroZ

MTHZ Collection: DEX

Collected Heroz cannot be unstaked
The only difference between staking and collection is that once collected, HeroZ cannot be unstaked. Collected Heroz can still be used to Breed, Merge and transform.
Merged HeroZ is automatically added to the collection.

Benefits of Staking

  1. 1.
    Transform into Heroz
  2. 2.
    Stat Boost from transform
    1. 1.
      Exp earning boost
    2. 2.
      In-game currency earning boost

Benefits of Collection

  1. 1.
    Guild creating unlock
  2. 2.
    Earning MGOLD unlock & boost
  3. 3.
    MGOLD exchange unlock & boost
  4. 4.
    Earning ToyzBlock unlock
  5. 5.
    AFK reward unlock & boost
  6. 6.
    Mintpass reward of next generation
  7. 7.
    More benefits to be added
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